Turkmenistan festively celebrated Day of Workers of Healthcare and Medical Industry.

The international scientific conference “Healthcare, education and sports in the era of power and happiness” hosted by the State Medical University of Turkmenistan named after Myrat Garryev  in Ashgabat was the chief event of the celebration.

The forum was held in a hybrid format, bringing together heads and workers of Turkmenistan’s healthcare system, academic staff and students of the medical university, as well as famous medical scientists from Russia, Germany, France, Romania and other countries.

The business part of the forum was preceded by the official ceremony of honoring Turkmenistan’s medical workers for their great personal contribution to the development of the country’s healthcare system and medical industry. Speaking at the conference, the forum participants noted the successes achieved by Turkmenistan in promoting health of the population, as well as prevention and elimination of a number of diseases.

Similar scientific-practical conferences dedicated to the development of health care in Turkmenistan were held in all regions of the country on the same day.