Turkmenistan for the first time held the combined celebration of Day of Akhal-Teke Horse and Day of Turkmen Alabay. 

The International Equestrian Center near Ashgabat hosted festive horse races, featuring a total of seven racing events at various distances. In each of the racing event, Akhal-Teke horses demonstrated their best sports qualities. The festive races concluded with the ceremony of awarding valuable gifts and cash prizes to the race winners.

The crown of the celebration was the first-ever contest “Brave Turkmen Alabay of the Year.” Ten elite representatives of the Alabay dog breed selected in the qualification rounds in various regions of the country were taken to the observation deck. The title of “Brave Turkmen Alabay of the Year” was awarded to the Alabay named Akkhan (White Khan) belonging to the State Border Service of Turkmenistan. The dog-winner’s neck was decorated with a special medal, and the main prize of the President of Turkmenistan – a car and a challenge cup – was handed to the representative of State Border Service.