Festive celebrations dedicated to the national spring holiday – International Day of Novruz – were held in all regions of Turkmenistan.

The main festivities took place on the banks of the Karakum river in Ashgabat. There was reproduced an old village with white yurts, craft workshops and an oriental bazaar which is famous for its stormy life and crowds of people. The festival featured a show of folk traditions and rituals, during which folklore groups showed how Turkmens celebrated significant events in the old days.

There was also held a concert of the country’s art masters who performed literary-musical and folklore-ethnographic compositions, dances, folk and modern songs. The first day of Novruz celebration finished with the incendiary dance of Kushtdepdi.

Festive concerts and cultural events dedicated to the International Day of Novruz were held in all administrative centers of Turkmenistan.