Architects, town planners, architecture historians and restorers from the CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine discussed issues relating to development of architecture during a webinar. The webinar participants made a number of interesting reports on their research and achievements in the field of urban planning.

The delegation of Turkmenistan used the Museum of Fine Arts as a platform for presentations. They presented videos telling about Turkmenistan, the most recognizable monuments of Turkmen culture and made a short excursion into the history of the country’s architecture. Colleagues from the CIS countries, Ukraine and Georgia were also shown the works by the academic staff and students of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the State Academy of Arts.

It was emphasized at the webinar that development of architecture requires a regular exchange of experiences through such international structures as the Executive Committee of the CIS and UNESCO, as well as such professional associations as the International Association of Unions of Architects and the International Academy of Architecture.