An exhibition of paintings and works of decorative and applied art opened at the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan on the eve of the International Day of Novruz. The exhibits take visitors to the magical world of awakening nature.

Paintings by Merdan Kakabaev “Novruz”, by Alexey Galkin “Swing”, by Alexander Kinyakin “Dragonfly”, Rakhman Umarov “Embroiderer” and others immerse visitors in the atmosphere of spring and original traditions of Novruz.

The main characters of the composition by famous sculptor Dzhuma Dzhumadurdyev – four dancing female figures with gracefully thrown back heads – resemble a blossoming flower full of vital energy. Designer Maria Filipchenko exhibited her works for the first time, including original brooches made of beads, sequins and decorative stones that exactly repeat the traditional Turkmen women’s jewelry “tumar”.