Lights were lit on the main New Year tree of Turkmenistan. According to the established tradition, Turkmenistan’s tallest and most beautiful New Year tree was installed in the square in front of “Alem” (Universe) Cultural and Entertainment Center in Ashgabat. It is surrounded by the fairy New Year town for children. The tree is 41 meter high. It is topped with an eight-pointed star and 2021 numerals. Decorated with colorful toys and sparkling garlands, it has become the most striking symbol of the coming year.

Ayaz Baba (Ded Moroz) and his granddaughter Garpamyk (Snow Maiden) took part in the New Year tree lighting ceremony. Before arriving in the place of the ceremony at the New Year tree, they toured the Turkmen capital in a cabriolet in the company of children, viewing the architectural sights of the city. Following the ceremony in Ashgabat, all New Year trees installed in the main squares of cities and villages of Turkmenistan flashed with festive lights.