Turkmenistan’s Turkmentelekom launched the first national e-mail sanly.tm and tmchat messenger. These services were presented at an exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ashgabat.

Users can now use these services in their daily life. By its capacity, the sanly.tm mail service is not inferior to other well-known services and can compete with them. Mail is available in three languages: Turkmen, Russian and English. It is designed in the national style. The size of the mailbox is 1 GB. The service also offers a calendar, contacts, records and a chat.

The tmchat messenger is a promising alternative option to many international social networks. It is also available in three languages ​​and can be used on laptops, netbooks, personal computers, tablets, smartphones and even smart watches.

Tmchat offers users the option of sending voice messages, emoticons, photos and making video calls, as well as the news feed that will help users to keep abreast with the latest events in the country.