Ashgabat hosted an international media forum via videoconference dedicated to the 25


anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality and the country’s election as Vice-President of the 75


session of the UN General Assembly.

The forum was organized by the Turkmen side jointly with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. It was attended by heads and representatives of a number of Turkmenistan’s departments, foreign embassies and international organizations accredited in Ashgabat, as well as more than 300 reporters of news agencies from 68 countries.

The forum participants noted the importance of election of Turkmenistan as Vice-President of the 75


session of the UN General Assembly, taking into account Turkmenistan’s previous positive experience of work in this capacity. As is known, Turkmenistan was Vice-President of the 58th, 62nd, 64th, 68th and 71st sessions of the UN General Assembly.

Speakers emphasized the relevance of Turkmenistan’s status of neutrality in modern times for promoting peace, stability and sustainable development. It was noted at the forum that as a new phenomenon in the international legal practice Turkmenistan’s neutrality laid the foundation for a new concept of cooperation and preservation of peace on the planet.