Specialists of the Seydi Oil Refinery are increasing production volumes that meet high quality standards and environmental requirements. Road bitumen produced at the plant is in great demand from the enterprises of the road construction sector, where high demands are placed on the quality of materials.


The development of technological potential is one of the key elements of the strategic oil refining strategy. The plant pays great attention to the use of innovative technologies. Here in 2015, a new Westport Traiding Europe Limited plant was put into operation for the production of road bitumen with an annual capacity of 37.2 thousand tons of products.


Today, oil refineries provide a steady growth dynamics of production. Since the beginning of this year, the production of road bitumen amounted to about 30.3 thousand tons, of which 9.6 thousand tons were exported. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase this figure.


Also, the company completed overhaul of the catalytic reforming unit LCh-35-11 / 1000, which is designed to produce a high-octane component used in the production of gasoline. After carrying out the necessary tests, the installation was put into operation.