The development of the oil and gas complex is strategically important for our country, the requirements for the level of education of specialists and managers are high, and work in the field of field development, production and marketing of oil and gas opens up many prospects for professional growth for everyone who is interested in this.


Mary Secondary Special School of Oil and Gas conducts continuing education courses and professional retraining in various areas. The training area covers all types of activities related to the search for deposits and oil and gas production, production and operation of equipment at boreholes and oil refineries, with analytics and management in this market segment.


The educational direction is presented in the form of professional retraining and advanced training courses. Students with completed higher or secondary special education can take training in one or another direction. Here, favorable conditions for full-fledged training are created for students. All audiences are equipped with the latest technology, equipment, interactive whiteboards and computers.


The established mock-ups increase the efficiency of the training process for specialists who are more closely acquainted with well development. Experienced teachers give theoretical knowledge to specialists. Over the eleven months of this year, the number of students has reached about 1000 specialists. Among them are employees of the Marygazchykarysh, Dovletabatgazchykarysh departments of SC “Turkmengas”, Turkmengazburavlayysh and others.


Further education courses provide for a wide selection of educational programs designed for the general updating and improvement of the knowledge and skills of specialists in the oil and gas complex.


The courses are aimed at training specialists in the oil and gas industry on the basis of previously received higher or secondary special education. Regular professional development of employees in high-tech fields of activity, including the oil and gas complex, is an essential condition for the effective functioning of refineries and other industries. For some specialties, continuing education courses are a prerequisite for continuing activities in this area.