Deliveries of aviation fuel from Turkmenistan account for the entire volume of imports of this type of oil products by Georgia. According to the Union of importers of oil products of Georgia, 100% of the aviation fuel purchased in October was imported from Turkmenistan.


It is noted that in October Georgia imported 2,100 tons of aviation fuel from Turkmenistan.

Aviation kerosene purchased by Georgia is produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR). The company "Turkmen Petroleum", which is an international trader of TCOR, supplies aviation fuel of TS-1 and Jet A-1 brands to foreign markets.

TCOR jet fuel is regularly put up for trading On the state commodity exchange of Turkmenistan. According to the quotation of the exchange, exhibited on Monday, the price of one ton of jet fuel of the TS-1 brand is 350 us dollars.

In General, for 9 months of this year, the company "Turkmen Petroleum" sold to foreign consumers more than 500 thousand tons of oil products produced at the refinery. The list of products sold by the company in Europe and Central Asia includes heating oil, automotive fuel А-92, diesel fuel, including diesel fuel ECO-5.