The staff of the Lebap production Department for the production of liquefied gas has delivered more than 1.5 million tons of gas condensate to the Seydi refinery since the commissioning of the first gas processing plants in Naip and Bagaj. The plant produces high-quality light oil products from these raw materials, which are in demand on the world market.

The main volume of liquefied gas produced in the process of processing of Naip and Bagajin, which is millions of tons, is exported. Automated technological installations process natural gas produced at the fields of Naip, Gazlydepe, Kerven, Bagaj, Ismail and others around the clock.

Gas processors carry out a set of measures for the technical modernization of the first gas processing plant in Naipa, built by the Italian company Technofrigo and put into operation in 1998. To date, the main part of the design work to update and improve production processes has already been completed.