The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted an exhibition of works by Turkmen painters under the motto of 2019 “Turkmenistan – Homeland of Prosperity”, marking the country’s Independence Day.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the capital of Russia, artists, students and core academic staff of Moscow universities, reporters of printed and electronic Russian mass media, members of the Turkmen diaspora living in the central regions of the Russian Federation were the honored guests of the event organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation.

The exhibition displayed the works by well-known masters of modern Turkmen painting, such as Kurbangeldy Kurbanov, Allaberdy Amangedyev, Kosekmurad Nurmuradov, Aynagozel Nuryeva, Annadurdy Muradaliev. Although the works were very different in terms of genre and style, they presented a collective image of the country whose rapid development is guided by the centuries-old and wise cultural traditions of the nation-creator.

The participants spoke highly of the skills of Turkmen painters. In their assessments, they stressed that issues related to cultural development, formation of the national ideology based on the spiritual values ​​of the people are one of the priorities of national policy of Turkmenistan. It was noted that national culture not only meets the needs of the Turkmen society but also gathers the potential to help Turkmenistan to advance further along the path of reforms.