Experts "Lebapnebitgazgozleg" trust "has Turkmennebitgazgurlushik" SC "Turkmengeology" actively working in the oil and gas fields of our country. Currently, the main work of drillers is concentrated on the Goturdepe site. Since the beginning of 2019, more than 3,100 meters have been passed at well No. 19 with a design depth of 5,000 meters.

In the Arsenal of sinkers of the earth's interior-modernized drilling equipment designed for deep drilling.

Last year the experts "Lebapnebitgazgozleg", using the latest equipment drilled at the site of Minar, located on the territory of Mary region of exploration wells to a design depth of 4750 metres. As a result, an industrial inflow of natural gas with a daily flow rate of about 1 million cubic meters of natural gas was obtained.

Thanks to the support rendered by the President of Turkmenistan to develop the fuel and energy complex, strengthening of production and technical base of divisions of SC "Turkmengeology." In recent years, most of the drilling equipment has been replaced by powerful and reliable equipment from advanced equipment manufacturers in foreign countries, including the United States, China and Russia.

Modern equipment and new technologies introduced into production contribute to the successful implementation of plans for deep drilling. And this, in turn, makes a significant contribution to increasing the volume of hydrocarbon production from the subsoil of Turkmenistan.