Plant "Garabogazsulphate" sent for export more than 12 thousand tons of concentrated nitrogenous fertilizers. A large batch of mineral fertilizers was purchased by foreign consumers from Spain and Italy.

Products were loaded on a freighter for a modernized Navy pier of Garabogaz. Now seven thousand tons of urea are being prepared for shipment abroad.

The largest gas chemical complex in the region, located in the city of Garabogaz of the Balkan region, was put into operation in September this year. The plant is designed for annual production of 1 million 155 thousand tons of urea. A significant part of the products manufactured at the plant is planned to be supplied to foreign consumers.

In December alone, more than 200,000 tons of mineral fertilizers in demand on the world market have already been contracted for export.

Garabogaz complex for the production of urea will increase the income and export of chemical industry of Turkmenistan. The construction of this enterprise is another step towards the transformation of Turkmenistan into a state with a developed industry.

According to experts, with the commissioning of this GCC, which has no analogues in the Central Asian region, Turkmenistan will enter the group of countries-exporters of chemical fertilizers in large volumes.

The raw material for the company is natural gas, the reserves of which Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world. This factor makes the construction of new facilities for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, including urea, promising.