Turkmenistan’s main New Year Tree lit up with glowing multicolored lights in Ashgabat. Standing in the square in front of the cultural and entertainment center “Älem” (Universe), it enjoys the company of Turkmen fairy tale and eastern legend characters. A 38.5-meter high fluffy beauty in a luxurious outfit of thousands of sparkling balls and toys stands in the center of this fairy-tale country.

Thousands of young Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital, folklore and dance groups, circus and theater artists in carnival costumes greeted Ayaz Baba (Father Frost) and his granddaughter Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), who came down from distant Koytendag mountains after visiting all five provinces of the country.

The beautiful New Year Tree, sparkling with light by the wave of Ayaz Baba’s hand, was the culmination of the pre-New Year celebration. At this moment, the lights were also lit on all New Year Trees installed in the main squares of the cities of Turkmenistan. The lighting ceremonies were followed by festive performances.