Last Sunday in Turkmenistan, as in many countries of the world, the World Bicycle day, established by the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was first celebrated.

Another day without vehicles in Ashgabat was also timed to this holiday at the suggestion of the head of the state. And the head of the state together with his compatriots took part in a mass action, which became a significant contribution to the health movement in the country, support for the development of Cycling, promotion of sports in general, as well as a call for the approval of a new environmental consciousness, increasing society's responsibility for the state of the environment.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, having passed on Kopetdag Avenue a distance of 8 thousand 500 meters, finished at the final point – the Health Path. Other cyclists continued their way through the streets of Ashgabat, the total length of the route of the mass bike ride was 30 kilometers.

In his welcoming speech on the occasion of the holiday, the President of Turkmenistan recalled that on April 12, 2018, at the 82nd plenary session of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, the relevant Resolution proposed by Turkmenistan was adopted, co-sponsored by 56 States. In this regard, the head of the state noted that the announcement of June 3 as the World Bicycle day was the evidence of unanimous recognition of the initiatives of Turkmenistan aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and fruitful cooperation.

Cycling is widespread in the world and is one of the most famous sports included in the program of the Olympic games. Its story began with the first major races held in France between the cities of Paris and Rouen in 1869, the head of the state continued.

"Currently, Cycling not only reflects changes in the sports field, but also is a testimony to the triumph of peaceful goals, friendship and solidarity of all mankind," Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, stressing that Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the possibility of rapprochement of peoples, strengthening peace, positive ties and cooperation on the planet.

In this direction, Turkmenistan is increasing cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, the UN international Bureau for sport for peace and sustainable development, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee on physical education and sport, who, as well as other authoritative interregional associations.

The Sunday mass bike ride was attended by famous guests from around the world. Among them – the President of Cycling Federation of Russia three-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Ekimov, world champion Sergey Nikitenko and other titled athletes and fans of Cycling.

Taking the opportunity, the head of the state expressed his gratitude for the participation in this event, and thanked the representatives of the Guinness book of records for the presentation of the certificate "the most popular lesson of Cycling". 

The official representative of the company "Guinness World Records" Sheida Subashi said that on June 1, 2018 at the multi-stadium "Ashgabat" training session on Cycling set a new world record. Participation in this event, during which not only was given a master class on Cycling, but also revealed the importance of this type of transport in the urban road system, conducted educational work on road safety and environmental education, took 3246 people. Today it is the largest in terms of number of people training session in Cycling.

This fact is officially registered by Guinness World Records and confirmed by the relevant certificate, which was awarded at the celebration on the occasion of the world Bicycle day.

Thus, the Turkmen capital again got into the Guinness book of records, continuing a series of its achievements, including those related to sports. So, in this series there are already facilities of the Olympic town in Ashgabat. This is an artistic representation of the Akhal-Teke horse at the Olympic stadium and a water Sports complex with the world's largest indoor swimming pool.