The United States strongly supports the project "southern gas corridor" from the beginning of its implementation, being aware of the key role of this corridor in the diversification of energy supply routes to Europe. According to Trend, the adviser to the us assistant Secretary of state for energy diplomacy Sandra Oudkirk said speaking on Tuesday at the launch ceremony of the first stage of the southern gas corridor project, which involves the delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Europe, in Baku.

Advisor to the assistant Secretary of state also stressed that the "southern gas corridor" provides new opportunities for broader economic integration of the Caspian region.

"Us President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated his support for this project. In his recent letter addressed to the President of Azerbaijan, he noted that "southern gas corridor" is an incredible achievement that will ensure energy security of Europe”, – said Oudkerk.

The Advisor to the assistant Secretary of state also noted that the southern gas corridor provides opportunities to expand development and cooperation for the countries of the region, as well as to increase the volume of gas supplied from the Eastern Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Caucasus to Europe.

"The United States plans to continue cooperation with all participants of the "southern gas corridor", serving as sources of long-term success of this project", – said Oudkerk.