The IX International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan started at the Avaza National Tourism Zone. The forum has brought together about 400 participants from the EU, the U.S., the UAE, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.

The delegation of Turkmenistan to the congress consists of the government officials, as well as the heads of state-owned enterprises and departments the country’s oil and gas sector.

As part of the discussions, the representatives of Turkmenistan’s fuel and energy sector departments updated the forum participants on the basic performance indicators and investment potential of the gas industry. It was emphasized at the forum that Turkmenistan’s proven natural gas reserves make it possible to talk about the export potential of some 100-120 billion cubic meters in 2018 and 160-170 billion cubic meters per year in the future.

On the first day of work, the forum reviewed thematic topics related to the diversification of energy exports, priority areas for investment in development of the gas sector of Turkmenistan, as well as development of the national and regional gas transportation infrastructure.