The group of the international TV channel Russia Today (RT) is currently visiting has come to "target" the planned filming of a unique object and one of the main tourist "chips" of Turkmenistan –Derveze, a gas crater, which has attracted people from all over the world for many decades. This was reported by the MEDIA news Agency-Turkmen ORIENT.

Not surprisingly, this crater attracted the attention of the video Agency RT – Ruptly, which in October 2017 launched the platform Ruptly Live. It allows you to include live broadcasts in 360 degree format. The panoramic video of the darvazin crater is not the only object of interest for RT in Turkmenistan. RT's developing partnership with Turkmen colleagues involves not only information exchange, but also other joint projects in the future. All of this is now at the stage of preliminary consultations.

As representatives of Russia Today say, Turkmenistan has recently begun to rediscover the world, which has seen a country with incredible economic potential, ancient and distinctive culture, and most importantly – with the political will to multi-channel international cooperation in common goals and interests. One of these channels is tourism.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov clearly set the task in this regard: through attracting large tourist flows to the country to promote its historical, cultural and natural heritage on a global scale, as well as to show its present day. That is, tourists need to see, to feel, to feel, to understand and be convinced.

Derveze, of course, is not an archaeological object, but it is quite historical – the result of geological surveys of the burning crater is about 50 years old, and besides geological and, possibly, astrobiology. One canadian researcher who went down to the bottom of the crater in a special suit and took soil samples from there, managed to find life in them! These microorganisms, which feel comfortable in the environment of such high temperatures, can open to mankind new facts about the Earth and the Universe.

The place is actually quite mystical. No wonder it is fixed in the top ten most amazing and alluring points on the planet, it can be found in the top lines of any travel rating. And despite the grim name given to it by popular rumor – "the Gates of hell", this "door to hell", as foreign media often call Derveze crater, for some reason does not scare anyone, but, on the contrary, attracts more and more guests.

Here it is affected not only the fascinating aura of the place, but the Turkmen friendliness and hospitality — even the most avid loner will need a guide to get here, or simply transport. There is almost never completely deserted. Even at night. Rather, at night especially, because then burning in the middle of the "black Sands" — Karakum pit looks especially impressive.

If not the group, the single extreme tourists are sure to wander around the edge of the crater, trying to make a spectacular selfie. Stay overnight in this place-this is what many travelers require from the tour operator. Therefore, not far from the crater not so long ago there were Turkmen guest yurts, well, someone breaks their tents, someone stays asleep in the car, someone prefers not to spend time sleeping at all next to such an incredible whopper-flaming for many decades, the failure in the ground under the dome of the sky, dotted with stars, large as cherries…