Today Turkmenistan celebrates a double holiday-the day of the Constitution and the state flag. On this occasion, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the Turkmen people with a letter that reads:

"I cordially congratulate you on the Day of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the state flag of Turkmenistan.

The Constitution and the national flag are the symbols of our unity, integrity, constant commitment to the great humanistic ideals, peace and creation. The Constitution, which has incorporated our national ideas of democracy, legal and secular state, a just civil society, peace, humanism, and the state flag, which is a symbol of friendship and humanity, are our national pride. In order to raise the prestige of the Constitution and the state flag even higher, a monument to the Constitution was erected in Ashgabat and a Flag square was built, as well as a square in the regional centers and in the national tourist zone "Avaza", where the Flagpole of the Motherland flutters.

We treat the Day of the Constitution and the state flag with special respect as one of the significant dates, uniting the people and increasing its creative energy. In honor of this holiday, conferences and cultural events are held throughout the country, emphasizing the importance of national development programs, the success of domestic and foreign policy, the ongoing reforms in all spheres of state and public life.

Based on the humane provisions of the Basic Law guaranteeing the protection of human rights and freedoms, we are building the modern history of Turkmenistan under our green flag. We are successfully implementing large-scale programs and reforms aimed at bringing the country to the level of highly developed countries of the world, and, first of all, at ensuring a peaceful, happy and prosperous life of our people.

We are strengthening the foundations of our democratic, legal and secular state. High rates of construction of the transnational gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan – India, highways with the use of advanced technologies, in regions and the capital-high-comfort residential houses, hotel complexes, health and entertainment centers, kindergartens and secondary schools, cultural centers, industrial enterprises are indisputable evidence of the country's achievements.

Guided by the basic principles and objectives of the status of positive neutrality recognized by the world community and enshrined in the Constitution, we are gradually increasing the international authority of Turkmenistan as an independent state based on the principles of constructive neutrality, peace and good-neighbourliness. We are gradually building up political, economic and cultural ties with the countries of the world and such authoritative international structures as The United Nations, the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Islamic Cooperation Organization.

The adoption at the sessions of the United Nations General Assembly of special Resolutions initiated by Turkmenistan, as well as the announcement of the world Bicycle day on 3 June, attest to the high appreciation of our neutrality and the principles of peace and good-neighbourliness derived from it by the international community. The large-scale goal will continue to strengthen the role of our democratic, legal and secular state in global development," the presidential letter emphasizes.