A ceremony marking the completion of the project for restoration and conservation of the historical monument of Bol’shaya Gyz Gala (Greater Maiden Fortress) was held in the Ancient Merv State Historical and Cultural Park.  

The five-year project has been implemented with the support of the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

As part of this project, the Turkmen specialists worked in close cooperation with their foreign colleagues from the Institute of Archeology of the University College of London (UK), the Institute of Archeology of the University of Warsaw (Poland) and experts from the International Center for Clay Constructions (CRAterre) of the Grenoble School of Architecture (France).

The project has made it possible to clarify the age of the Greater Gyz Gala that was built more than one thousand years ago at the end of the VIII – beginning of the IX centuries, when Merv was one of the largest cities of the East. The size of the historical monument, listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, its architectural design and fortification allowed scientists to conclude that it was the residence of rulers of that era.