The government of Pakistan has committed to ensure that its part of the project of the transnational gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) domestic and international environmental standards, the news Agency MEDIA-TURKMEN ORIENT, citing Pakistani media.

In particular, this was discussed at a meeting held in Islamabad by Environmental Management Consultants (EMC) and the Ministry of climate change of Pakistan as part of a series of events dedicated to the environmental and social impact assessment of the TAPI project in Pakistan (ESIA).

"The government will provide assistance and coordinate efforts to ensure that the TAPI pipeline is built in accordance with the current environmental legislation in the regions," said the parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry Romina Khurshid Alam.

In Pakistan, the pipeline will cross two provinces — Balochistan and Punjab. Both of these areas are characterized by a complex natural landscape and have their own characteristics associated with wildlife, natural habitat and biodiversity. Speaking about the environmental expertise, the former Director General of the environmental protection Agency Asif Shuja Khan, also currently involved in the study, stressed that all aspects related to the impact on flora, fauna, natural resources, will be taken into account in the SEES.

Also at the meeting, it was reported that other countries participating in the project-Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and India are preparing appropriate reports of the OES in their segment of the pipeline.

One speaker at the meeting, head of THE naftec/MAB group Khaled Nassar, participating in the SEEC, noted that the TAPI gas route would improve the living conditions of the local population in the surrounding areas in the future by creating broad opportunities for the employment of qualified personnel.

"The TAPI project is the best example of regional cooperation in overcoming the ongoing energy deficit in Pakistan and neighboring countries," additional Secretary of the Ministry Shaquil Malik said. As the official said, TAPI will become a national standard of compliance with environmental standards and norms.

According to reports in the press with reference to the gas company, Inter State Gas Systems, construction works on the Pakistani section of the pipeline will begin in June and mid-July of the current year.