On Tuesday, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a flight around the major new buildings of the capital and surrounding areas, having examined the situation on the construction of a number of objects from the helicopter. The head of state also got acquainted with the plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas, which is under construction in the Akhal region, in Ovadandepe.

This innovative project is another step towards the successful implementation of the national economic strategy, one of the key vectors of which is the full-scale and rational use of the richest hydrocarbon resources of Turkmenistan, which is one of the world's energy powers.

Implementation of the President's plans for the development of the gas chemical industry is designed to promote the comprehensive industrialization of the regions, diversification of the domestic economy, increasing the production of high-quality competitive products in demand in international markets.

As part of the working visit, the head of state inspected this large new building from the helicopter, which will be the first gas chemical complex in the world to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly gasoline based on natural gas processing.

The plant, equipped with the latest equipment and advanced technologies, will annually process 1 billion 785 million cubic meters of "blue fuel" and produce 600 thousand tons of A-92 gasoline that meets the environmental requirements of the Euro-5 standard. The company will produce 1800 tons of gasoline per day. It is also planned to produce 12 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 115 thousand tons of liquefied gas per year. The total cost of this investment project is almost 1 billion 700 million US dollars. With the commissioning of this enterprise, about 1500 workplaces will be created.

Currently, the works at the facility are nearing completion. For the supply of finished products to consumers, the project provides roads and railways. Transportation by rail, and then by sea – through the recently commissioned international seaport in Turkmenbashi is the most cost-effective type of export of Turkmen synthetic gasoline.