Turkmenistan plays an important role in the EU's overall relations with the Central Asian region and occupies a significant place in the European Strategy for a new partnership with Central Asia. According to the news Agency media-TURKMEN ORIENT, this was stated by the head of the EU contact office in Ashgabat Lubomir Frebort in his welcoming speech on the occasion of Europe day.

Describing the multifaceted Turkmen-European relations, the official representative of the EU emphasized that the country will also be given an important position in the new EU Strategy for Central Asia. Cooperation between Ashgabat and Brussels is developing successfully in several areas – political, economic and humanitarian cooperation.

As it was reported, in the coming weeks in Ashgabat it is planned to hold annual high-level dialogue on policy and security issues between the EU and Central Asia. This mechanism is one of the elements of regular political contacts between the region and the EU.

Report also noted that in the economic bloc partnership between the EU and Turkmenistan is under construction in such areas as trade, energy and transport. As you know, the European Union is among the three largest trade partners of Turkmenistan with the volume of mutual trade turnover of 1.6 billion euros.

Speaking about the energy vector of cooperation, the high-ranking diplomat noted Turkmenistan's important role in the EU Energy security Strategy and the commitment of both sides to the implementation of the Trans-Caspian pipeline project, designed to bring Turkmen hydrocarbon energy resources to European markets.

"The newly commissioned new port of Turkmenbashi will undoubtedly become an important link in the chain of connection between Europe and Asia", Freebort stressed, mentioning that this year the EU strategy on the interconnectedness between Europe and Asia will be adopted, in which, of course, Turkmenistan will take a worthy position.