Oil prices may rise next year to close to $100 per barrel if the situation in exporting countries – Venezuela and Iran – leads to disruption of supplies to world markets. This, according to TASS, was reported by Bloomberg news Agency, citing the forecast of analysts of Bank of America Corp.

According to their estimates, Brent oil, the price of which on Thursday fluctuated about $77 per barrel, may reach $90 per barrel in the second quarter of next year. Depending on the position of OPEC member states and the consequences of US sanctions on Iran, prices may rise even further. "Assessing the situation for the next 18 months, we expect a change in the balance between demand and supply in the oil market," – the experts said.

As Bloomberg noted, Bank of America experts were the first among analysts of major US banks to predict the return of oil prices to the level of 2014, when the value of the barrel exceeded $100.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc experts expect that the price of a barrel of Brent crude will reach $82.50 in the coming months, but in 2019 oil prices will fall again.