The results of social and economic development of Turkmenistan for the four months of 2018, including the results of the fuel and energy complex, were discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet Of Ministers of Turkmenistan held last Friday.

In particular, the vice-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Meredov reported on the results of the work of the enterprises of the oil and gas complex of the country during the reporting period.

As reported, the plan for oil production and gas condensate made by 102.2 percent, processing of hydrocarbon raw materials – at 101.6 percent, gasoline – 102.1 percent, diesel fuel – 100.2 per cent, polypropylene – 102%, lubricating oils – to 107.6%, liquefied gas – by 102.7%, for the development of investment – 102,8%.

It was also noted that the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is conducting in accordance with the planned schedules.

Commenting on the report, the head of the state gave instructions to the vice-chairman, including the adoption of measures to further improve management structure of oil and gas complex, increase of volumes of oil and gas production, provide the plants with raw materials, acceleration of works on construction of new production facilities for processing of oil and gas.