The Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan ratified the Treaty on strategic partnership with Turkmenistan and the agreement on the demarcation of the Turkmen – Kazakh border. 

According to the first document, the parties will focus on strengthening cooperation in such key areas as economy, trade, energy, water resources, space exploration, agriculture, engineering, migration, education, sports, culture and tourism.

The development of transit-transport potential of the two countries, and the creation and development of international telecommunication transit routes are provided, according to news Agency ORIENT.

Special attention will be paid to the environmental dimension with a focus on the restoration of the Aral sea ecosystem through interaction in the development and implementation of international and regional programmes in this area, and the protection of the Caspian sea.

The agreement on strategic cooperation between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will come into legal force 30 days after exchange of instruments of ratification.

In accordance with the demarcation agreement, the starting point of the state border determined the point of junction of borders of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and the ending boundary point No. 162, located on the coast of the Caspian sea.

According to the results of the demarcation of the length of the Kazakh-Turkmen state border amounted to 458,3 kilometers. On the state border line 330 boundary markers are installed. 

This document not only establishes the geographical parameters of the state border, but also establishes the territorial limits of national sovereignty.

Predecessors ratified legal instruments are the Treaty on friendly relations and cooperation in 1993 and the Treaty on the delimitation and demarcation process in 2001.