The important role in implementations of trade and economic relations between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan is played by a customs post Imamnazar near the Turkmen-Afghan border. Today this post is equipped with the modern x-ray equipment, computer system, devices of radiation control, means of communication and other equipment from the leading European producers that helps to accelerate verification  and passing processes of freights through border.

Through this modern check-point from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan oil products, the liquefied gas, other freights, and also a big flow of transit humanitarian and other cargoes passes.

On average, during the day here 250-300 cargo vehicles undergo testing and customs registration, and in a year it is about 70-80 thousand trucking facilities. Annually on average 600 thousand tons of commodity freight, from them 545 thousand – export, 50 thousand – transit, 5 thousand – import goods – pass through a post.

The considerable amount of products exported from Turkmenistan is the share of oil products (diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, the liquefied gas, a carbamide). Besides, cement, grain, confectionery, a licorice root, skins of small cattle, technical carbon, cottonseed oil, sarydzha wool, etc. go to a neighboring state.

Import generally is the citrus fruit imported from Pakistan. A number of food products from Afghanistan are transported by en route to Iran, Turkey and to the European countries.      

Today at the disposal of customs officers of this check point is the equipment of the German company "Smith Detection" – X-ray – the television detectors "Gantry HCVG 6035 ViZion".

As the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, visited recently customs post Imamnazar, noted, nowadays it is necessary not only to prevent illegal penetration of the goods menacing to health of the person, safety of society into the territory of Turkmenistan, but also not to allow illegal transit of such freights through our country.

The international ways passing through Turkmenistan always must be roads of friendship, a brotherhood and goodwill, the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov told. At the same time, the head of state emphasized that representatives of customs service shall show an example of discipline and a politeness.

Further growth of supply rates of products from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan will be promoted by putting into operation a terminal system on acceptance, storage and sending of oil products on customs clearance station Imamnazar capacity of 540 thousand tons per year. Now here installation and assembling of equipment comes to the end.

Commissioning of the terminal will open opportunities for a growth in volumes of export of five types of oil products.