The international exhibition “Turkmengurlushyk-2016” and conference “Development of Construction Industry of Turkmenistan” opened in Ashgabat. The exhibition has brought together over 120 companies, including 90 foreign companies from 16 countries that want to operate at the Turkmen market. The foreign participants of the exhibition include businessmen and companies from Russia, China, the US, Japan, France, Turkey, Germany, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

The exhibition presents promising investment projects and proposals by Turkmen and foreign construction companies, advanced products and technologies in the field of architecture and construction, including road construction, new technologies and innovations, various equipment and special tools.

The conference “Development of Construction Industry of Turkmenistan” is focusing on the use of modern technologies and exchange of experience. It is attended by scientists, experts and representatives of well-known companies. Representatives of a dozen of countries made presentations and reports on Turkmenistan’s achievements in the construction industry and best international practices in the construction sector.