Current 2016 is a landmark in the development of the gas industry of Turkmenistan. Half a century ago, in 1966, began the industrial development of gas condensate deposits of Odjak, located within the Northern part of the Zaungur Garagum desert. This Deposit became the first natural gas field discovered in the North – Eastern Turkmenistan.

Odjak structure was put into exploration in 1964 and in February 1966 in an exploration well No. 1 was first obtained an industrial flow of gas from the lower Cretaceous deposits. At that time, the field Odjak, was considered one of the largest in Central Asia.

In many respects the field has played the role of a powerful stimulus in the formation and development of the gas industry in Turkmenistan, where until that time there has been production of oil and independent gas fields have not yet been.

In January 1966, in Ashgabat was organized by the production Association "Turkmengazprom", one of the main tasks of which was accelerated field development Odjak.

In October 1966 the field was put into pilot operation. And 23 November of the same year, the first cubic meters of natural gas began to flow into the gas pipeline Bukhara-Ural. And after a year it started to supply Turkmen natural gas in the first system of gas pipelines Central Asia-Center (CAC-I), the route of which passes 13 miles North of the field Odjak.

By specialists of "Turkmengazprom" and research Institute "CentralAsiaSRIGas" was drafted, the accelerated development and input in the development of the field with wide application of the method of simultaneous separate use (SSU) of two gas object one well.

It is noteworthy that this effective method was first introduced in Odjak field. The so-called accelerated test method involves combining exploration with development drilling immediately after the opening of the field. It is possible to put into experimental-industrial operation (EIO), having quickly counted the drilling of priority exploration wells, the gas reserves.

Application on Odjak field accelerated method allowed to reduce the operational fund of wells up to 18 units through the use of exploration wells. Thus, the volume of drilling development wells was reduced by 36 thousand meters.

As a result, the field operation was carried out 5 years earlier than usual! And the needs of the national economy there were 48 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Later this method was also used in the process of commissioning of multilayer deposits of Nayip, North Nayip, Kukurtli and South Nayip that has significantly reduced the volume of production drilling and give additionally to the national economy tens of billions of "blue fuel" ahead of schedule.

In the field Odjak SSU implemented in 61 of the 78 wells. And for all plurannual deposits North-East of Turkmenistan (Odjak, Niyip, North Nayip and Kukurtli) is 112 of the 212-year wells. This allowed to extract without the drilling of additional number 112 wells of 51.2 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 25.3% of the total gas production of multilayer deposits.

Thus, widespread industrial implementation of the method of dual completion of two horizons in one well allowed to accelerate involvement in the development of new productive horizons, to ensure maximum growth of gas production and to obtain additional geological information for those newly engaged in the operation of gas deposits.

In addition, the Association "Turkmengazprom" successfully completed another important task. Using the method of dual completion of two horizons in one well allowed for simultaneous input to the development of highly productive and unproductive strata, which are also necessary in the process of developing gas and condensate fields.

Despite the fact that these two methods (accelerated commissioning of gas condensate fields, by combining exploration drilling with the drilling of production wells, and multilayer deposits of ore of two horizons in one well) was applied in the design of field development and put into production in the 60s, they remain highly relevant methods and at the present time.

For example, today a rapid method for the development of gas and gas condensate deposits being successfully used on the largest gas and condensate fields of Gunorta Yoloten+Osman, Yashlar and large deposits of Garajaovlak.

According to experts, in the multilayer gas and gas condensate fields Zeakli-Derweze and Tagtabazar-1(Teresah) application of the SSU two or more horizons in one well will enable us to develop and put into operation along with the highly productive layers, low-power, low-productive gas-bearing strata without drilling additional wells.