Implementation of flexible investment policy – is an important aspect of the economic strategy of Turkmenistan aimed at forming of competitive economy, – it is noted in the publication of information Gundogar news portal.

The edition underlines that for a number of years Turkmenistan is included into the top ten of the countries of the world on growth rates of GDP. According to the state committee of statistics, in comparison with 2007 the total amount of the investments sent to various industries of economy and the social sphere in 2015 has grown almost by 13 times and comparison with the 2000th year, then – more than by 20 times. So, now in the country the construction of about two thousand industrial and social facilities by a total cost over 50 billion US dollars is conducted.

According to forecasts of experts of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and some other authoritative international organizations, these positive tendencies in national economy will remain also in the next years, writes the Internet portal.

Realizing policy of "open doors", Turkmenistan aims at long-term, mutually beneficial and effective cooperation with foreign investors. The state provides to a business community of foreign countries essential support in a type of tax, customs, visa, insurance and other benefits. The important role in it was played by adoption of Laws of Turkmenistan "About foreign investments" and "About hydrocarbon resources" which basic provisions are in lines with international law.

Also Gundogar news notes, that strategic interests of foreign investors are caused by availability of huge natural resources, export and transit opportunities of Turkmenistan, its intensive industrialization and an emerging market. As a result the share of foreign investments progressively grows from year to year, the number of investment projects and joint businesses, including, in energy industry increases.

Now on the terms of Production sharing agreements in the country a works number of the known international companies, together with which large investment projects are realized, including – on accomplishment of prospecting works, development of fields of hydrocarbon raw materials at the land and at the Caspian Sea. Among them are "Dragon Oil Plc" (United Arab Emirates), "Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.", (Malaysia), "CNPC" (People's Republic of China), "ENI S.P.A." (Italy), Austrian "Mitro International Limited" (Austria), "RWE" (Germany) and others.

Within implementation "Development programs of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period till 2030", along with increase in oil extraction and natural gas, creation of a multivector transportation system of the Turkmen energy carriers at the world markets, much attention is also paid to construction of large industrial facilities on conversion of hydrocarbon raw materials, including, belonging to petrochemistry, gas-chemical and chemical industries, power industry. And it opens great opportunities for productive interaction with business and financial spheres of the world, emphasizes the edition.

As striking example of an effective investments and mutually beneficial international cooperation serves the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries where, with participation of leading companies of Japan, Germany, the USA, France, Turkey, Iran, the Republic of Korea, modern fuel and petrochemical technological installations have been constructed.

In recent years the partnership with the states of the Pacific Rim became more active. The evidence of that is the construction of the installations intended for production of high-octane brands of automobile gasoline on TCOR. The project is realized together with consortium of the companies "LG International Corp" and "Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd" (Republic of Korea). In 2014 in Mary city the complex of plants on production of ammonia and carbamide was put into operation. Designing, supply of equipment and technical consultation were performed by the Japanese companies "Kawasaki Plant Systems Ltd" and "Sojitz Corporation".

Now the consortium of the companies "Mitsubishis Corporation" (Japan) and "Gap Inşaat" (Turkey) conducts the construction of plant on production of a carbamide in the city of Garabogaz of Balkan Region. In the settlement of Kiyanly on the Caspian Sea Coast the gas-chemical complex on production of polyethylene and polypropylene is constructed. The project worth more than 3,43 billion US dollars is performed together with the TOYO Engineering company (Japan) and consortium of the companies "LG International Corporation" and "Hyundai Engineering Corp. Ltd" (Republic of Korea). In Ahal Region the plant of  production gasoline from natural gas is built. This project estimated at 1,7 billion US dollars is realized together with the Japanese company "Kawasaki" and Turkish "Rönesans Holding".

Shortly in Ahal Region the foundation for plant on conversion of natural gas in synthetic liquid fuel will be laid. The new industrial complex is expected conversion 3,7 billion cubic meters of natural gas and production 1,1 million tons of diesel fuel, and also 400 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline (naphtha) a year. This project will be realized by the State Concern "Turkmengaz" together with consortium of the companies "LG International Corp.", "Hyundai Engineering Co, Ltd" (Republic of Korea) and "Itochu Corporation" (Japan). And it is not the complete list of the new buildings constructed with participation of foreign investors, Gundogar news notes.

In general, the edition emphasizes, all this things visually illustrate the active interest and readiness for investment and technological cooperation with Turkmenistan from large foreign business that demonstrate the trust to our country as to the reliable, stable and responsible partner with good reputation, high international authority and big prospects of growth.