At Seydi OR mechanic and assembly works on installation on gasoline production of new generation of "Euro-5" are coming to the end. At the end of August it is planned to start in the test mode for a running in of processing equipment.

Now on object works on a binding of details of the pipeline, its clearing and washing, installation of instrumentations and automatic management systems and other works are conducted. Installation of the compressor and pumping equipment is in parallel performed.

Design capacity of the LP-Z5-11/1000 catalytic reforming unit – 500 thousand tons of gasoline a year. Its reconstruction is performed by WTL (FZE) group of companies from the United Arab Emirates and "Westport Trading Europe Limited" (USA).

– At the end of 2014 our engineers have conducted researches of object and have found out what equipment has already settled the resources and is required its replacement, – the construction manager of "Westport Trading Europe Limited" Gendzhi Durdyev says. – Application of modern technologies in case of reconstruction of the catalytic reforming unit allows to lower significantly energy costs in case of operation and to raise an output and product quality in comparison with earlier designed standard installations. The complex of technical solutions and measures used in the project will provide reliability, efficiency and safe operation of object, and also environment protection.

Under the terms of the contract new installation will be put in operation at the end of September of the current year.

The entities of domestic energy industry within "The development program of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period till 2030" step by step realize the large-scale projects directed to diversification of the oil and gas industry, development of its industrial potential, transport infrastructure and building-up of export of the energy carriers demanded in the world markets.