Belarus began to supply unmanned aerial vehicles to Turkmenistan, manufactured by the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Turkmenistan’s interest in Belarusian drones is not accidental. They are indispensable in monitoring long distances of the border at sea and hard-to-reach areas in the mountains and deserts. UAVs can greatly facilitate the work of border guards, fire services, emergency services and environmentalists.

A batch of mini Busel M drones with monitoring range of 25 to 70 kilometers has already been sent to Turkmenistan. Negotiations are currently underway for supply of dirigibles and unmanned Burevestnik aircraft systems, equipped with optical and other systems, with the operational radius of up to 290 km.

Turkmenistan also plans to set up batch production of unmanned aircraft systems with the support the Belarusian side. Training of specialists and start of production is scheduled for the second half of 2016.