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Nayip and Bagadzha increase production and export of the liquefied gas

For January-July of the current year on the installations of receiving the liquefied gas operating on fields Nayip and Bagadzha more than 3,7 billion cubic meters of natural gas...

Petrochemists of Maritime region have celebrated the housewarming

In the seaside city Turkmenbashi three houses constructed by request of Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries have been put into operation. On the occasion of the significant event vice-chairmen...

Ahead of the plan of drilling

Drillers of drilling department of "Korpedzhe" of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" have successfully exceeded the plan of drilling operations of the first half of the year. At the plan...

Financial news of the last week

Last week at the biddings of the State commodity and raw exchange of Turkmenistan 22 transactions were registered. For foreign currency entrepreneurs from UAE bought JP8 fuel made on...

The large-scale project at Seydi Oil Refinery approaches completion

At Seydi OR mechanic and assembly works on installation on gasoline production of new generation of "Euro-5" are coming to the end. At the end of August it is...