Celebrations marking Day of Harvest were held in Turkmenistan, with chief events taking place at the Ashgabat Equestrian Center.

The center hosted an exhibition of achievements of various spheres of Turkmenistan’s agro-industrial sector. The pavilions representing the agro-industrial sector departments featured the products of cotton growing, melon growing, textile industry, animal husbandry and food industry. There were also set up the pavilions representing the achievements of the regions of the country that demonstrated their success in production of cotton and wheat. At the exhibition, Turkmen sculptors, painters, jewelers presented their best works dedicated to the labor of farmers, thus forming the art space of the exposition. A festive concert of Turkmen pop stars and folklore groups of the country was held on the big stage.

Celebrations of Day of Harvest continued with traditional horse racing at the Ashgabat hippodrome. The winners of races were awarded prizes on behalf of the departments of the agro-industrial sector of Turkmenistan.