A presentation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline was held at the Turkmen-Italian business forum held in Milan on Wednesday. Italian businessmen were familiarized with the current state of the TAPI project, including its technical, procurement, financial and social parameters.

In particular, it was reported That the state concern "Turmengas" has already laid about 100 km of main pipes on the Turkmen part of the gas pipeline. The length of the Afghan and Pakistani parts of TAPI is 1635 kilometers. On the territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan will operate 3 stations for the selection of gas.

The special economic importance of the project for the region was emphasized separately. TAPI will give a significant boost to the growth of the economies of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. First, because the production of electricity from natural gas is much cheaper than the use of diesel fuel and fuel oil; second, access to natural gas will stimulate industrialization and investment; third, Afghanistan and Pakistan will receive billions of dollars in transit fees.

Contractors for the operation and maintenance of the pipeline will also receive significant economic dividends.

The TAPI project is expected to create more than 40,000 jobs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most of them will be related to the construction, operation, maintenance and security of the pipeline, which will also serve as an incentive for the industrialization of these countries and increase the social standard of living of the population.

The project is supported by international organizations and financial institutions.

Suppliers and construction companies of Italy were invited to participate in its implementation.