For the nine months of 2019, 24.3 thousand tons of road bitumen were produced at the Seydi Oil Refinery, which is 3.5 thousand tons more than the established task. The growth rate compared to the previous year was 112%.

A new technological unit for the production of road bitumen was put into operation at the Seydi oil refinery on February 16, 2015. The project was implemented jointly with the company "Westport Trading Europe Limited" (USA). Its annual design capacity is designed for processing 118 thousand tons of fuel oil and production of 37.2 thousand tons of high-quality oil road bitumen.

In Turkmenistan, this plant was the first where the visbreaking process (single high-temperature processing of oil and its fractions) makes it possible to process heavy oil residues, decomposing and separating paraffin from tar.


The installation has a railway and road overpass. The cars arriving there have heating, and capacities of cars-heat-resistant that bitumen did not stiffen in a way.

These products of the Seydi oil refinery are sent to lay roads in the Lebap and Mary regions, as well as in the capital.


Seydi bitumen has been exported to neighboring Uzbekistan for the third year in a row. This year, over 8 thousand tons of this product were shipped to the neighboring republic by rail. According to the agreement, 10 thousand tons of bitumen will be delivered to the Kyzyl-tepe and Bukhara railway stations for the construction of roads.