“I congratulate you on the start of the XXIV International Exhibition and Conference“ Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2019 ”! I wish you a successful Forum aimed at popularizing the achievements of the country's oil and gas industry in the world and sharing experience, ”reads the Address of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the participants of the OGT-2019 events that are opening today in Ashgabat.

As noted in the message, possessing enormous natural resources, our country enjoys great prestige in the world as a major producer of energy resources and a reliable partner. A good example of this is the large-scale projects implemented and implemented in the oil and gas sector, in particular, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project. Currently, the construction of this large transnational gas pipeline is proceeding at a high pace. Its construction will contribute to ensuring sustainable development, strengthening security and stability in the region, and enhancing economic cooperation.

The steady growth of Turkmenistan's economy opens up wide opportunities for all parties interested in mutually beneficial partnership and increases the investment attractiveness. The country is carrying out large-scale work to increase the volume of production and processing of oil and gas, increase the production of oil and gas products, which are in great demand on the world market.

“The state is taking the necessary measures to accelerate the development of oil and gas fields by attracting foreign capital. As a result of the phased development of the “Galkynysh” gas field, which occupies a leading position in the world, the introduction of highly efficient technologies in such promising and oil-rich areas as Northern Goturdepe, Altykui, Uzynada, Barsagelmez and Chekishler, conditions have been created to increase the rate of production of natural gas and crude oil and gas condensate.

Targeted work is underway to diversify the oil and gas complex through the creation of modern high-tech industries. Among such capacities is the polymer plant put into operation last year in Kiyanly, which was commissioned this year in the Akhal region, a plant for the production of gas gasoline ECO-93, ”the appeal says.

As noted in the message, in accordance with the country's oil and gas industry development program, the construction of a number of gas-chemical complexes and plants in the Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap regions is planned in the near future. The implementation in the fuel and energy complex of new projects of regional and global significance will continue to be one of the priority directions of state policy.

Concluding the Address, the Turkmen leader emphasized that the key objectives of the OGT-2019 conference and exhibition are to familiarize the world community with the successes of the country's oil and gas industry, innovative technologies, exchange of experience, and the development of international cooperation. The president addressed the forum participants with wishes for good health, a prosperous life and great success in their work.