Employees of the Gubadag oil enterprise of the Main Department of "Turkmennebitonumleri" consistently achieve effective results of activity.


The company includes 6 modern gas stations, which employ more than 80 employees. The work of employees of service stations – mechanics and workers, filling cars with fuel, producing lubrication works and servicing motor vehicles, takes place in the mentoring mode.

Filling stations of the enterprise located on the main highways are equipped with modern safety equipment. At each station, there are serviceable means for extinguishing fires, ready for use at any time; first aid kits with medicines for first aid, telephone communication.


The space of all operating gas stations is well lit in the dark. Staff are regularly briefed on safe fuel handling. To monitor compliance with safety at the gas station has the appropriate documentation: event logs, job descriptions, certificates, evacuation plan, terrain plans with the designation of the nearest bodies of water and other documents.