The technological potential of TCOR gives the basis to establish a profitable production of high-quality needle coke here. The experts of Westport Trading Europe Limited, which owns the patented technology of an innovative method for the production of needle coke from Turkmen oil, are confident in this.


The developed technologies allow to obtain high-quality needle coke at the level of international standards. Applying catalytic technologies from oil residues, it is possible to obtain not only ordinary coke, but also a completely new product from oil.


Needle coke is good in that it contains significantly less ash impurities and sulfur compared to ordinary or ordinary metallurgical coke.


The current level of development of oil refining allows reducing the environmental impact, therefore, the maximum permissible concentration of chemical elements and their compounds in the air does not ultimately exceed the established norm.


Today, there is a shortage of needle coke on the world market and its prices are steadily increasing. In China alone, demand for it in 2020 will reach 600 thousand tons!


The need for high-quality needle coke is particularly high. Therefore, the production of needle coke on the basis of TCOR is extremely important and fully meets the State program of export-oriented products, experts say.


The release of a new oil product will allow Turkmenistan to enter the international market with high-quality goods, which are in demand in India, China, the EU, the CIS, and other regions of the world.


Needle coke is a key raw material for the production of graphite electrodes of the UHP brand used in heavy industry, metallurgy, defense, electronic and nuclear industries, including in the promising production of electric vehicles.


Over the past years, Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA) has been engaged in the construction and reconstruction of the facilities of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. The leaders of the company discussed the prospects for cooperation with Turkmenistan in the implementation of joint investment projects during the First Caspian Economic Forum, which took place on August 12, 2019 in Avaza.