The national tourist zone Avaza has become one of the most beloved corners of our country for Turkmen citizens. As a result of the numerous health centers built on the seashore equipped with advanced technology, the number of adults and children having a rest here is growing annually.


One of the favorite vacation spots is the Arzuv children's health center of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. The center is located on an area of 15 hectares and has the ability to simultaneously accept up to 900 vacationers.


The children of oil workers from Turkmenbashi and Seydi make up almost half of the guests of the center. Young holidaymakers rest on preferential vouchers, which are ten times cheaper than the face value. The center has created all the conditions for the full manifestation of children's abilities – sports, creative, intellectual.


Arzuv, which in 2010 became the launching pad for the opening of a whole series of upscale sanatorium-type centers in the national tourist zone Avaza, has a modern sports, cultural and entertainment infrastructure. It offers guests swimming pools, a football field, tennis courts, areas for playing futsal, basketball, volleyball, etc.


During the work of "Arzuv" tens of thousands of children have already visited here, leaving a piece of their heart and making their dreams come true.