President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a working meeting on digital video with participation of the Chairman of the Mejlis, the mayors of the regions and the capital. The agenda included tasks related to the implementation of the strategy of socio-economic development of the country, seasonal agricultural work, preparation for the upcoming holidays and significant events, as well as other issues of public life.

Opening the meeting, the head of state was the first to call the Chairman of the Mejlis G.Mammadova by video, who informed about the work done by the Vice corps over the past seven months to modernize the legal framework of the country.

As it was reported, two sessions of the national Parliament were held during the period. Accepted 55 papers, including 31 of the Act and the 24 Regulations of the Mejlis. The preparation of draft documents designed to promote legislative support for the implementation of large-scale transformation programs, activation of democratic processes in the state and society is continuing.

After hearing the information, the Turkmen leader stressed that in the context of digitalization of the national economy requires proper systematization and development of new legislation.

The country has a difficult task to develop innovative technologies. We described it as a program for the transition to a digital economy, defined its starting point, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said. But in order to reach this level, we need an appropriate legislative justification. It was noted that it was necessary for representatives of Parliament to monitor the implementation of the various plans adopted.

The President also drew the attention of the Chairman of the Mejlis that now need to start preparing for the meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty and to develop draft documents that will be submitted to the national forum.

Then the President called the mayor of Ashgabat city Durdylyev, who reported on the state of Affairs in the capital and the measures taken for its further improvement, improvement of the social sphere, the progress of work on a number of large new buildings.

After hearing the report, the President instructed to keep under constant control issues related to the implementation of the concept of development of the capital. Speaking about the upcoming holidays and significant dates, the head of state ordered to prepare properly for Eid al-Adha, as well as for the Day of knowledge and students.

The President gave specific instructions to ensure a high organizational level of preparation for the celebrations dedicated to the Independence Day, including the commissioning of new facilities.

At the same time, the Turkmen leader instructed to ensure a clear and coordinated activity of all municipal services and constantly keep in view the observance of fire safety rules. It is also necessary to prepare in advance for the next winter season, the head of state said.

The meeting on digital video communication continued with the report of mayor of Akhal region S. Berdimuhamedov, who reported on the work carried out in the region, the situation in the agricultural sector, on the implementation of comprehensive measures for the organized start of winter wheat sowing and cotton harvesting. There was also information about the steps taken to improve the social infrastructure of the region, the pace of construction of facilities.

In the context of solving the priorities in the field of agriculture, the importance of proper preparation of agricultural machinery and seed material for sowing winter crops was stressed. Referring to the topic of the upcoming "white suffering", the head of state noted the need for high-quality implementation of appropriate agro technical measures for the care of cotton, taking measures to carry out in the prescribed manner settlements with farmers-tenants for the delivered harvest.

Having inquired about the state of Affairs in the construction of the new administrative center of the Akhal region, the President instructed to submit a report at the next meeting.

At the same time, the head of state ordered to ensure a high organizational level of preparation for Eid al-Adha, the beginning of the new school year, as well as the upcoming Khalk Maslakhaty and the celebration of the 28th anniversary of independence.

Noting the need to take care of full readiness for the winter season of heating systems of houses, schools and kindergartens, timely repair work on social facilities, the head of state gave a number of specific instructions.

The next direct digital video link was caused by mayor of the Balkan region Ya. Gylydzhov, who reported on the state of Affairs in the entrusted region and preparation for the First Caspian economic forum, which will be held in the National tourist zone "Avaza". There was also a report on the ongoing seasonal work in the agricultural sector, the pace of construction.

Stressing the importance of the First Caspian economic forum, designed to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the coastal countries and all interested foreign partners, the President of Turkmenistan gave appropriate instructions to ensure its high organizational level.

Noting the need for optimal use of the existing potential for the successful implementation of cotton harvest and sowing of winter wheat, the head of state instructed to keep under strict control a comprehensive solution to all issues related to these responsible campaigns and in General with the development of agriculture in region.

As it was said further, it is necessary to pay close attention to further modernization of social and household infrastructure of the region, its engineering and technical systems and, in particular, their readiness for the heating season.

The President also addressed a number of instructions to mayor to ensure a high level of preparation for festive dates and significant events in the life of the country.

In turn, mayor of the Dashoguz region N. Nazarmamedov via video link, reported on the progress made in the region, the measures on increase of efficiency of agro industrial complex, the orderly conduct of the "white harvest" and the sowing of winter grain, about the situation on construction sites.

Touching upon the key aspects of preparation for the upcoming campaigns, the head of state stressed the need to ensure the proper operational condition of agricultural machinery and coordinated interaction of all relevant structures. As the President Noted, the harvesting of cotton and wheat for next year's harvest should be carried out in the optimal time and with high quality.

Stressing the importance of timely completion of the construction of constructed facilities, the President focused on new buildings, the commissioning of which will be timed to the independence Day. The mayor was also given specific instructions to prepare for the approaching Eid al-Adha, the beginning of the new school year and to Khalk Maslakhaty. In addition, the importance of preparing the heating systems of the region for the winter season was noted.

Next on digital video, was caused by the mayor of the Lebap region T. Atagulyev, who reported on preparations for the cotton harvest and planting of winter wheat, on implemented measures for enhancing the productive capacity of the agricultural sector. Information was also provided on the timely commissioning of the facilities, the organization of events dedicated to the national holidays and the beginning of the school year.


The head of state instructed mayor to take thoughtful measures for the active introduction of advanced technologies in the agricultural sector, combined with national experience, creating all conditions for the productive work of daihan.

In this context, the President instructed to carefully prepare for harvesting cotton and sowing winter crops, stressing the importance of these works in strict accordance with agricultural standards.

However, sustained attention should be paid to the socio-economic development of the region. Speaking about this, the Turkmen leader gave instructions to ensure a high level of preparation for the upcoming holidays and significant events.

Then the mayor of Mary region D. Annaberdyev made a report on digital video communication. Preparations for the upcoming agricultural companies were reported. There was information about the construction of facilities for various purposes.

Stressing that the farmers and machine operators were given the task to collect the grown crop of "white gold" from the fields in the optimal time and without losses and to carry out quality sowing of wheat, the head of state instructed to keep under control the comprehensive preparation for these important campaigns.

The President also addressed instructions to mayor on increasing the pace of construction of facilities, ensuring the proper operating condition of heating systems and their readiness for the next winter season.

Separate instructions were given to prepare for the celebration of Eid al-Adha, activities on the occasion of the new school year and other important events.

Continuing the meeting in the format of a video conference, the head of state, addressing the mayors, said that taking into account the fact that all the main agricultural activities have been carried out, a good cotton crop has been grown, the heads of regional administrations are given leave from August 19 to September 1. This also applies to the mayor of Ashgabat.

Signing the Resolution on the production of wheat harvest in Turkmenistan in 2020, the President noted that, taking into account the fact of ensuring food security of the country, the size of land for next year's harvest will be reduced. Guided by the adopted programs to increase the volume of exported products, as well as the industrial development of the country, the land freed from winter grain will be given to cotton sowing.

At the end of the workshop on digital video communication, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished the participants good health and success in their work.