As you know, on August 12, 2019, the first Caspian economic forum will be held in the tourist zone "Avaza", which will be attended by representatives of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, as well as their numerous regional and international partners. Within the framework of this forum, the Caspian exhibition of innovative technologies will be held, organized by the chamber of Commerce and industry and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

According to ORIENT news Agency, the exhibition will be available for two days – from 11 to 12 August – and will bring together technical experts in various sectors of the economy. The focus is on the development and application of advanced technologies in the field of energy-efficient technologies, technologies in the oil and gas and chemical sectors, industrial equipment, innovative infrastructure, information technology, etc.

The development of trade and economic relations, primarily the creation of conditions for the implementation of major projects, will also be discussed on the sidelines of the exhibition. There will also be discussions on the role of the economy of the Caspian region in the global context, investment attractiveness in the fields of industry, energy, agriculture, trade, tourism and other sectors of the economies of the Caspian States of mutual interest.