The Government of Turkmenistan, the State Coordination Commission on Combating Drug Addiction under the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan held a public action near Ashgabat to burn narcotic drugs and counterfeit cigarettes seized by law enforcement and military agencies in a series of special operations. The illegal narcotic drugs and counterfeit cigarettes were burned in special furnaces.

The action participants witnessing the burning of narcotic drugs and cigarettes included the heads of security agencies, representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the country, as well as public figures, elders, and young people. They narcotic substances packed in plastic parcels, bags of various sizes and marked packages were put on a display for them. Later, all of them had an opportunity to throw the packages with dangerous substance to the furnace.

The burning of narcotic drugs demonstrates Turkmenistan’s determination to completely eradicate the problem of drug trafficking.