In Ashgabat the talks at the highest level between the President of Turkmenistan Berdimuhamedov and the head of Azerbaijan Aliyev resulted in the signing of a package of twenty bilateral documents, a significant part of which is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the transport and transit sphere. This, in particular, opens up new horizons for the expansion of exports of finished products of the domestic fuel and energy complex.

Thus, among the main documents are the intergovernmental program of cooperation in the field of transport for 2019-2022; agreements on the development of international transport by sea, passing through the ports of the two countries; to simplify the visa regime for participants of international transport on the territory of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

An agreement was also reached on the establishment of the Turkmen-Azerbaijani Joint Commission on transport, transit and logistics. 

In addition, a number of interdepartmental agreements on cooperation in the field of Maritime, rail and road transport, transit and logistics have been signed. The Turkmenbashi international sea port and Baku international sea trade port, the Ministry of railway transport of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan Railways, the Ministry of road transport of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of transport, communications and high technologies of Azerbaijan, the state service of sea and river transport of Turkmenistan and The Azerbaijan Caspian shipping Company are involved here.

While voicing the results of the talks, the Turkmen leader was not by chance among the first to mention transport issues. "We said that we would like to develop transit corridors, make the right logistics. This applies to road and ferry services, airspace and Railways. The most important thing is that now a special Commission will function between us, which will deal with the development of transport and transit corridors and logistics", – Berdimuhamedov stressed.

The head of state reminded that a transport agreement was recently signed between Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey with access to Europe. "It turns out already on the East-West line, that is, we fully connect the whole of Central Asia with Europe," the President said.

The head of state also said that on November 28, Avaza will host an international conference on the development of transit transport corridors. In this regard, Ashgabat plans to announce initiatives on certain preferences, including preferential tariffs for participating countries in order to improve and develop proper logistics in the field of transportation.

Thus, Ashgabat and Baku agreed to actively cooperate and coordinate efforts in the framework of the creation of transport and transit corridors in the East-West direction, which, in particular, include the Lazurite corridor (Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey). In the context of the announced plans, it was decided to actively use the port infrastructure of the two countries.

All these decisions will contribute to the further expansion of international trade relations of Turkmenistan with Azerbaijan and with many countries of the Eurasian continent. This opens up new opportunities for increasing exports of products, raw materials and goods produced at the enterprises of various sectors of the economy of our country.

In particular, it is important for the enterprises of the domestic fuel and economic complex, which are currently focused on the production of export-oriented products. As you know, the oil refineries operating today, the gas chemical complexes recently put into operation, as well as the new gas processing plants, the construction of which is planned for the coming years, are aimed at diversifying the production of high-quality oil and gas products, which are in demand all over the world.

A modern, developed transport infrastructure and clear logistics will play an important role in the further expansion of the geography and volume of exports of Turkmen fuel and energy complex