The second day of the seminar "strategy of monetization of natural gas", organized by the British Embassy in Turkmenistan and British companies "BP", "Shell", "Buried Hill", as well as "Argus Media", which is one of the largest price agencies in the world, took place in the capital hotel "Archabil".

During the second day of the seminar, leading analyst of "Argus Media" Anastas Gatunok made a presentation to the participants, as well as in the first day of the seminar.

In the first session, the participants discussed various opportunities for the use of natural gas, in particular, the processing of "blue fuel" technology GTL and the use of natural gas in the generation of electricity. The analyst made a short excursion into the history of the technology of production of liquid fuel from gas and coal. Expanding the topic of GTL, the analyst in the context of the natural gas processing plant under construction and gasoline production in the town of Ovadandepe, Ahal province, noted the successes of Turkmenistan in this area.       

 The topic of urea markets in the Russian Federation and Central Asia was the focus of the second session. As part of this topic, the analyst gave data on the production, consumption, import and export of urea, and also gave a forecast for the increase in urea production capacity in Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It was noted that, along with other enterprises, one of the largest in Central Asia is the plant for the production of urea "Maryazot" and the plant "Garabogazkarbamide" in Turkmenistan.

Summing up the results of the two sessions, the analyst of "Argus Media" noted that the countries of Central Asia in General, and Turkmenistan in particular, correspond to the key factors of competitiveness in the sphere of natural gas monetization.

Also during the seminar, the regional business development Manager of the British company "BP" James Plutt made a short presentation about the company's activities, in particular about its major projects in Azerbaijan. The representative of the British company noted that BP is interested and ready to develop cooperation with Turkmenistan in the oil and gas sector.     

The second part of the day was the closing ceremony of the two-day seminar "strategy of monetization of natural gas", in which the participants were awarded certificates.