– I am very happy that I witnessed a Grand event that will certainly go down in the history of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan. The successes achieved by your country on the path of progressive development have aroused sincere admiration among foreign guests.

The opening ceremony of the new gas chemical complex was held in the atmosphere of a great holiday. An exhibition of samples of folk arts and crafts and Museum values telling about the rich history and culture of the Turkmen people was held at the place of the celebration. Creative teams performed, sang songs and dances glorifying the successes and achievements of Turkmenistan.

We are very proud that with the participation of our company built such a large plant for the production of polymers. We hope to continue our cooperation with our Turkmen partners. The implementation of new joint projects in the oil and gas sector will further strengthen the high status of Turkmenistan in the global energy market, will contribute to the further progress and prosperity of your country.

I have been working in Turkmenistan for about seven years. I like your country and its distinctive national traditions very much. People here are very hospitable and good-natured. The Turkmen people live in peace and prosperity. I already feel like a Turkmen myself. I have many friends among Turkmen women and I have a second name – Selby. I really like to live in a friendly Turkmenistan.