Iran intends to use freight cars owned by Turkmenistan for the transportation of export cement to Central Asia and, in particular, to Uzbekistan, Iranian media reported, citing the official representative of the "Iranian Railways".

"As a result of the bilateral talks held with the participation of Turkmen railway workers in Sarakhs (Khorasan Razavi province), we agreed to use the Turkmen wagons for cement export," – said the Director General of the IRIR for international transportation Shahram Jafari.

According to the proposed scheme, the cars carrying sulfur from Turkmenistan to/through Iran on the way back can be loaded with cement produced in the North-East of Iran, and sent to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan's cement needs for the next few years are estimated at 1-1.5 million tons per year.

Railway between Iran and Turkmenistan are carried out through two border crossings – Sarakhs-Sarahs and Akayla -Inche-Boron. In 2017, the cargo turnover through Sarakhs station, which provides the shortest access to the port of Bandar Abbas, amounted to 1.97 million tons of cargo.