The possibility of participation of the US business community in investment projects in various sectors of Turkmenistan was discussed at the meeting of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with the Executive Director of the Turkmen–American business Council Eric Stewart.

During the meeting, the guest noted the readiness of the US business community to expand mutually beneficial business relations with Turkmenistan, which has enormous resource potential and demonstrates the steady growth of the economy. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that Turkmenistan is always open to dialogue on an equal basis with all interested partners, including American companies. 

Noting the productive nature of cooperation with the leading business structures of the United States, which have been working in Turkmenistan for many years, the President stressed that The Turkmen-American business Council, established in 2008, has a great merit in this. In this regard, his role in the progressive development of inter-state relations, which in recent years have gained a new quality and high dynamics, was emphasized.

At the same time, the President continued, the potential of the two countries can be used much more effectively, first of all, taking into account the diversification of the economy of Turkmenistan, the development of high-tech industries and transport infrastructure. Turkmenistan, according to the results of independent expertise, is attractive for foreign investments.

“Today we are at a stage when we need bold projects that would become the engine of economic cooperation”, the President emphasized.

During the meeting, the importance of regular business forums that help to identify effective ways to expand bilateral ties was discussed. As it was stressed, there is a great potential in such areas as the fuel and energy complex, electricity, sports, tourism, agriculture, processing industry. Noting that long-term investments in the economy are a significant factor in its successful development, the head of Turkmenistan expressed confidence in the further expansion of partnership in the field of investment.

The transport and logistics sector is also mentioned as one of the actual areas of cooperation. Noting that Turkmenistan, which occupies a favorable geographical position, plays a key role in the region, the American businessman congratulated the head of state on the commissioning of the international seaport in Turkmenbashi.

It was emphasized that innovation projects are implemented in Turkmenistan, economic reforms, favorable investment climate and favorable conditions for activities of foreign companies, the emerging modern infrastructure provide significant opportunities for foreign businessmen. In this context, Stewart expressed the interest of American corporations in further strengthening cooperation with Turkmenistan and the intention to provide the Turkmen side with effective technologies.

In the framework of the exchange of views had confirmed willingness of Turkmenistan to engage in substantive discussion of issues of bilateral cooperation and participation of the business circles of the USA in projects and long-term programmes aimed at accelerated industrialization of the national economy complex, high-tech production facilities.

Another important topic of the meeting was the prospect of the work of Turkmen companies in the United States, which show a mutual interest in the comprehensive deepening of partnership.